Let's Make the Change!

Donate to the Hardy Global Missions Fund.
Impact a life, Impact a community.

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Let's Make the Change!

Single donations are charged once.
Help transform lives.

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Monthly donations

Donations charged monthly to your credit card.
Donating monthly is the most powerful way to give.

Hardy Global Missions

Child sponsorship

Donations charged monthly to your credit card.
Bless a child by giving them the opportunity for a better life.
Be a child’s sponsor, while giving the child the opportunity to handpick you, instead of waiting to be picked!

Product donations

Donate products to help us fight extreme poverty.
You can donate: non-perishable food, hygiene products, clothing, and other products.

Be a volunteer

Donate your time and get involved in something bigger than yourself.
Apply to become a volunteer and help us transform the lives of people in need.

Help Transform Lives

We’re Hardy Global Missions

A Christian organization helping children, families, and their communities overcome poverty.

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