Meet the community – Pedra

Pedra is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Pernambuco, located 255 km from Recife, capital, and has an estimated population of 22,668 inhabitants.

The main economic activities in Pedra are based on commerce and agribusiness, especially cassava, beans, tomatoes, corn and cattle. However, in the hinterland of Pedra, leaving the paved roads for the land, there are individuals who are isolated from society. There is a community that lacks the most basic needs.

Isolated mud houses, supported by dry wood, hungry cattle and children running around without shoes and covered in dirt are common to see on a daily basis. Homes that do not have kitchens and bathrooms are unknown. Water is more precious than gold. A land so dry the dry grass cuts like glass. Here, we find a community that describes itself as “the forgotten”. They are forgotten by the state, government and society. Children do not have access to basic education, health and food. Food safety is part of your daily life.

Careers are not in your vocabulary. And a “job” is equivalent to winning the lottery. Hard work is the norm just to drink a glass of dirty water. The cycle of poverty increases every day, as the community in the hinterland of Pedra does not know how to dream. They cannot see any other way to live. That’s how Hardy Global Missions decided to build its first base. This is how “The Dream Project” project to dream began. The Dream project sponsors children and teaches them to dream. Dream about being who they want to be. And we plant dreams teaching!

Offering them a rich education and introducing them to books, activities and events that open their minds. Hardy Global Missions started the dream project with 8 godparents, sponsoring 8 children. And today, there are more than 115 sponsored children Our next project is the construction of Hardy Global School, our private school. The opportunities and achievements will be endless.

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